Article from Gareth Maher - Irish Daily Mail (Nov 2012)


With the way that modern systems have gone, most teams operate with only one forward and that has made striking partnerships such a rarity that they are almost consigned to the history books, like an outside right or a libero.

Although, some managers have not given up on it just yet. They may play in the Bus Eireann Women's National League, but Peamount UNited have the new SAS and they are scoring goals for fun with six each in four League games so far this season.

Okay, they are not Shearer and Sutton, but Sara and Stef are just as lethal as the old Blackburn Rovers combination - even if we are stretching it a bit by using their first names rather than Lawlor and Roche; SAS just has a nice ring to it.

Both are Republic of Ireland senior internationals and, undoubtedly, the League's most dangerous players. There are a lot of top strikers in the League right now, but none can match up to the power, pace and precision that Peamount's SAS possess.

Just like any partnership, they really compliment each others styles. Lawlor is very direct and likes to take defenders on, while Roche is more calculated and will wait for an opening before attacking it. However, they are both so talented, that they often reverse those roles and that is why few back lines know how to keep up with them.

Last Saturday, they tore a superb Raheny defence apart by scoring four of their team's five goals in a victory that sees them open up a two-point lead at the top and extends their unbeaten start. When watching them in full flow, you almost feel sorry for defenders trying to predict what they will do and where they will go.

That is almost impossible as they can be so unpredictable and mix their styles up so regularly that by the time a defender figures them out, Lawlor and Roche have either blazed past them or put the ball in the back of the net.

It takes a lot for a partnership to prosper and credit should go to Peamount boss Eileen Gleeson for trusting them to do their thing. Too many managers worry about keeping clean sheets rather than taking the game to their opponent, so the champions should be applauded for choosing the latter.

Of course, it only works if the two strikers match their individual quality with effort and that isn't a worry with these girls. But most importantly, they score goals.

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