By Gareth Maher - Irish Daily Mail (Mon 4th Feb)

TEAM SPIRIT is one thing, but Raheny United have something that other clubs simply cannot buy and that is a family atmosphere — thanks in no small part to the Creaghs. 

With Rebecca leading by example on the pitch as vice captain and a classy midfielder, her mother Eileen has also been getting involved as kitwoman, while her younger sister, Alanagh, can often be spotted around the dressing room helping out.
The set-up at the north-Dublin club has long been admired by outsiders, although the players also benefit from that extra little attention from the Creaghs, which undoubtedly strengthens the bond amongst players and staff, and ensures that they are all working together.
Rather than being embarrassed by having her family around the place, Rebecca insists it is something that 
everyone has embraced and they are simply part of the team now.‘My mam is the kitwoman and it’s a real family thing. My sister does be in and around the dressing room and my little brother does the music, so 
everyone is involved,’ said Creagh.‘She is like a mam to the rest of the team and they see her as their second mam. It is great to have that kind of figure in the dressing room to calm you and be there for you.
‘My mam has always been mad into football. But she knows when to leave me alone or when to give me 
some support. It’s great to have her around and I think the girls appreciate her as well.’
Creating harmony within a team is never easy and when it is forced it can quickly unravel, unless every 
player subscribes to what the collective are trying to achieve. With Raheny, though, they come across as 
one big family, who support each other no matter what.
When they win, they win as a team. When they celebrate, well... let’s just say that they have that part down. But no one is ever left behind and their efforts are always appreciated, which was evident when they won the FAI Umbro Cup. Even young Alanagh was treated like a teammate during the celebrations.
Raheny are a family and that sense of togetherness will serve them well


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