Artilce from Gareth Maher - Irish Daily Mail (Nov 2012)

It may have felt like a long time coming and some probably even doubted that it would ever fall their way, but DLR Waves finally got to celebrate a first League victory and it could be just the spark they need to ignite their season.

The newest member of the Bus Eireann Women's National League were always going to be playing catch-up on the other six clubs and they were scrambling to recruit players right up until the day before their first game. So it was hardly surprising that they shipped a few defeats early on. 

Although, there were subtle signs of progress with each game played and manager Larry Mahoney could sense that they were not far away from getting it all to click.

Having played against every team in the League, they kicked off their second series of games yesterday by hosting Cork Women's in Jackson Park. And there was something different about the Dun Laoghaire outfit as they controlled the tempo for long periods and always looked dangerous breaking forward.

The most thing, though, was that they took their chances in front of goal. The 3-1 victory did not flatter them; it was well deserved. And they may have found a player in Carla Moran who can provide their firepower on a consistent basis.

By netting a brace, Moran led the way for DLR against a Cork side boasting some talented players. Yet, it was the collective performance from Mahoney's team that really impressed. If they can reproduce that kind of effort and keep taking their chances in front of goal, then they will emerge as a team to take really seriously.

If anyone knows of Mahoney's skills as a coach and his experience in women's football, then few would back against his team continuing to surprise. But he knows that there is only so much that he can do and that his team's results will ultimately be dictated by his players.

Thankfully for him, he can rely on the likes of Niamh Connolly and Sylvia Gee to be his on-field leaders, while Moran, Lucia Espana de Cordoba and Laura Daniel have showed that they are capable of competing with the best players in this League.

The big challenge for DLR now is to build up some momentum. Being the odd team out next week and not having a game probably comes at a bad time for them, but everything should be more positive now that they have finally got that win.

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