Article from Gareth Maher - Irish Daily Mail 

Ciara Rossiter (Wexford Youths)

It is a mark of top players that they make those around them perform even better and that is exactly what Rossiter does as she works for her team. A hard-working midfielder with the intelligence to use the ball well, she breaks up play just as expertly as she creates chances and is always involved in things.


Article by Gareth Maher - Irish Daily Mail 

Even though the team name, crest and home base all read Wexford, John Flood knows that in order for his club to survive, and eventually thrive, they simply must connect with neighbouring counties.


Courtesy of Irish Daily Mail, Monday, October 15, 2012

Player Focus - Rianna Jarrett


EVERY team needs a goalscorer and Wexford had one last season in Cherelle Khassal. Well they may have found another in Jarrett, who netted a superb hat-trick against Cork recently and has showed signs of developing into a striker that opposition teams will have trouble dealing with.


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Courtesy of Daily Mail on Mon 3rd Sept 




EVERY team craves a player with the type of engine that never runs out and that’s Delahunty. A midfielder with the ability to link play through short passing and direct running, she covers a huge amount of ground breaking forward and tracking back. Delahunty is an excellent playmaker but can improve on her finishing and, if she does, Wexford will have another match-winner.




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