History will be made on Saturday, August 15th when Athlone Town become the 12th different team to line out in the Women's National League.

The signifiance of the Midlands club taking part in the League is even greater when one considers that they are the oldest club in the League of Ireland. It may be a long time coming, but welcome to the party!

And Robyn Heatherington insists they are not about to sit in the corner and stay quiet, Athlone want to start making noises in their very first game - at home to Wexford Youths.

"There are a few nerves amongst the girls but we're really excited. We want to get stuck and we want people to know that Athlone will be a team to be reckoned with," said Heatherington.

"Bohemians played Wexford last week, who are a tough team, and they got a chance and they took their chance so that's motivation for us - when we have a chance on goal we have to take it.

"I want people to realise that we are not just a new team in the League, we have some great players and I want Wexford to realise that after playing us. We're not a walkover, we're a proper team and we're here to get points off them."

Heatherington is likely to start on the left wing for Tommy Hewitt's side with her twin sister, Allie, expected to occupy the other flank on the right.

The sisters bring a dynamic, attacking quality to the team - aided by the fact that they both excel at hockey too - and their competitive nature should ultimately help the League's newest club.

"Absolutely everything between my sister and I is a competition," admited Heatherington.

"If we do a test in school, we get home and my Mum asks 'What did you get Allie? And what did you get Robyn?' I'll always want to have done better. And we're always asking 'who's better at football and who's better at hockey?' At the moment, she is ahead with hockey. I would say that I gravitate more towards the soccer.

"It's funny. We've always played soccer together and we both play hockey. She is on the Irish hockey team and took a break from soccer for a while, so it was only me. When I met the girls on the team for the first time they didn't know anything about my twin and then all of a sudden months later when she comes in they were like 'Oh my God, there's two of you'.

"Because everything is so competitive between us, it was nice that she was doing the hockey and I had the soccer. But, obviously, I would never turn around and say that she can't join Athlone Town. But because we've been on the same teams for all of our lives, it was nice to be doing something different for a period. But we're happy to be on the same team again."