Last season, when they played as Limerick, it was all about moral victories. This season, as Treaty United, it is all about actual wins.

Over the course of the 2019 Women's National League season, the Shannonsiders picked up four wins. Now with just three games played in the 2020 campaign, the rebranded club already have half of of that total secured.

No, manager Dave Rooney hasn't discovered any magic formula, Treaty's back-to-back wins over DLR Waves and Bohemians are simply the result of hard work paying off.

"We are settling into the League now. You have your top teams who I think everyone is well aware of but the other teams are starting to compete with them. We now know what to expect from games and that is crucial because it takes time to get up to the level required," said captain Marie Curtin.

"We previously had very little experience with few of our players having played in the League, so not being familiar with National League level can hurt you as a new team. But we've had time to get used to that and added some more players who have played in the League.

"From the management point of view, they've had to see what the League was all about and was required. So we've all learnt from it and we are stronger for it. 

"Last year we lost a lot of games when we probably deserved more from them. Some of them we lost 5-0 or more but we actually didn't perform that badly. Now, we've taken that experience and learnt from it.

"Against DLR Waves, it wasn't pretty at all but we got the result. We actually played a lot better against Bohemians and managed to win that too. So we are finding ways of picking up points."

In a way, Treaty United entered this season with the bonus of what they had learnt as Limerick and the lack of expectations that come with a rebranded club. They have certainly made the most of that combination.

Curtin feels that the work done behind the scenes at reshaping the club has allowed them to focus on targeting wins - something which probably felt a little out of reach at times last season.

"It's all really coming together with our club now. It was very public all of the difficulties that Limerick previously went through and, in fairness, to the management they did really good job at protecting us from that. But it's a fresh start with Treaty United," said Curtin.

"There is such a great feeling around the club. It's really great to see the Board who have come in and showed so much commitment to changing things for the better. We have a serious Board with so many experienced people involved.

"There is a good foundation to the club now and you can see where the Board want to go with it. They want to create a strong club scene in the region which is so badly needed. They want to introduce an Academy and a schools link, so we are going in the right direction."