DLR Waves are a club fuelled by ambition. They want to reach greater heights and in order to get there they need leaders to guide the way. And that's where Fiona Donnelly comes in.

The Dubliner is a key figure for Graham Kelly's side and her influence will continue to grow on the team with the more games that she plays - particularly in midfield.

The former Republic of Ireland Women's Under-19 international can operate in midfield or defence but she is at her best when in the thick of the action in the midfield battleground. That is where she comes into her own.

Donnelly does the type of things in games that stats vests and monitors don't pick up on; she closes down opposition players, she shuts down passing corridors, she tracks players and forces them into tight areas, she shadows team-mates to offer support, and she eats up more grass than a lawnmower.

It's all about hard work, it's intelligent work. Donnelly knows when to expend her energy and when to hold back. She knows what balls to contest in the air and which ones to allow bounce before she attacks them. It is that type of player that DLR need to succeed.

There has been steady improvement made by the Dublin outfit this season - with a lot of young players involved - and they have the ability to become a top four team in this League. But there is still work to be done.

Donnelly will ensure that they keep striving to take advantage of every little thing and her drive can be the determining factor in pushing the team on in the second half of the season.