As the second half of the 2020 Women's National League got underway, there was a historic moment recorded when Bohemians played their first competitive game at Dalymount Park.

In one sense, it was just a normal League game in an old Dublin venue. But it was much more than that and the signifiance of Sean Byrne's side playing there should not be overlooked or seen as a once-off.

For younger players, Dalymount might resemble a battered stadium with two of its main stands out of action, tight dressing rooms, and a sense of faded glory hanging in the air. Although that is all part of its charm as this is a cathedral of football that has been standing since 1901.

Sometimes referred to as the 'Soul of Irish Football', the Dublin 7 structure has largely been associated with being the home of Bohemians, but it's also the place where the Republic of Ireland beat Belgium 4-0 in 1929, where Shamrock Rovers first represented the country in European competition - against Manchester United, and where the FAI Women's Senior Cup Final took place on several occasions.

Dalymount Park is a shrine to Irish football. It is a place that sucks you in with its old-fashioned embrace, almost like visiting your Grandfather on a Sunday afternoon and not wanting his endless amount of vivid stories to end. It will soon undergo a much-needed redevelopment but even in its current state it maintains an allure.

For Bohemians Women to play there against DLR Waves, it meant that they were able to experience the trappings of one of the country's main football stadiums. Due to COVID restrictions there were few people in attendance, but that should not take away from the prestige of playing a game there.

In order for the Women's National League to continually move forward clubs need to play at the best venues available to them. Finances and availability will dictate this for Bohemians, but players from each of the nine clubs will be inspired that little bit more if they are lining out in the top stadiums around the country.

This is already happening for Galway, Shelbourne and Wexford Youths, while Cork City, DLR Waves and Treaty United have played some games in the best football venue in their region. Steady steps will lead the League to a place where this happens in every game-week and it would be fantastic to see Dalymount Park regularly on the schedule.