When a manager comes across a player who is reliable and versatile in equal measure the easiest thing to do is to assign them the role that nobody else wants.

Think of the many players through the years who have been forced to play at full-back when they should be wingers or tasked with defensive duties when their strengths are clearly on the attacking side. But if they can do a job for the team then that usually comes first.

Eabha O'Mahony has experienced that for both club and country. The Ballincollig youngster has played at both centre-back and full-back, where she excelled due to her natural abilities and game intelligence. Yet, it is in midfield where she truly comes alive.

In the 2020 Women's National League season, to date, Cork City manager Ronan Collins has recognised this and entrusted O'Mahony will taking on a pivotal in the engine room. She has responded to that extra responsibility by playing some of the best football of her career.

After a run of five League wins in a row, Cork secured a place in the top half of the table for Phase 2 and O'Mahony's role in that should not be overlooked. She was the one closing down opponents, making blocks, linking play with her short passing, and pushing her team on.

She may do a lot of work off the ball that casual viewers of the game can miss, but the talented teenager can mix it up too - as she proved with a wonder goal against Wexford Youths that is surely a contender for Goal of the Season.

It's quite simple really, without O'Mahony in midfield Cork would not be the same team. They are more fluid, more affective and more dynamic with her in the middle of the pitch and it's a credit to her that she has been able to move up another level.

There is clearly a bright future in the game ahead for O'Mahony, let's just hope that she gets to shine in her natural position.