As they prepared for their first plunge into the Women's National League, Athlone Town knew that they were entering into the unknown in a lot of ways.

There were far more questions than answers before they even got near to the pitch. Then COVID-19 hit and the season was postponed. But manager Tommy Hewitt did not panic, he just placed his trust in the process of taking everything step by step, game by game, week by week.

It is that approach that has ensured that the League newcomers have been able to enjoy their debut season in many ways. Yes, there have been some disappointing performances & results but that is only natural for a young (largely local) team to experience.

What has been most encouraging to see with Athlone in 2020 is the spirit in which they drive forward collectively. Take the recent game away to Treaty United, they started on the front foot and scored a couple of goals but even when their hosts started to fight back they did not cower.

Unless there is a level of trust in what they are trying to achieve and how to go about that then any new team will crumble. Well, after nine League games played, they have celebrated two wins. And there is more football still to be played.

Hewitt, who is assisted by Darren Whelan and Anto Fay, has been the guiding light in all of this. He has not attempted to do anything radical and that is why his team have done so well in their first foray into the top flight of women's football in the Republic of Ireland.

As with any manager, Hewitt will be constantly running different ideas through his head about how to improve the team and bring certain players along to the next level. But he should remind himself that the steady process has been working so placing trust in that would be a wise thing to do.