What should a manager do when their team fails to perform against their closest rivals and end up losing heavily? Well, there are many different answers but one option would be to shock the system.

Alter the game-plan in such a way that the approach feels new yet familiar at the same time. That is exactly what Dave Bell has done at Shelbourne following back-to-back defeats to Peamount United in the Women's National League and FAI Women's Cup.

Bell is a superb coach who sees things before they happen on the pitch. He is also a masterful tactician so it was interesting to see his Shels side line up in a 3-5-1-1 formation away to Wexford Youths - in a game that they won 5-2.

By pushing Jessica Gargan and Isibeal Atkinson up high as wing-backs, they were able to press forward more and also use the width of the pitch knowing that cover was behind them in the shape of Jamie Finn, Pearl Slattery and Jessica Gleeson.

The three players at the back are all comfortable with the ball at their feet so they could start the passing game from deeper positions. And if you see their passing combinations they are largely in the middle area of the pitch, which overwhelmed Wexford as Shels moved the ball so fluidly.

Having someone like Rachel Graham anchor the midfield is key to playing in this style as she can fill the spaces left behind when the likes of Ciara Grant and Jessica Ziu zip forward to join the attack. It is that defensive stability that feeds the attacking flair.

Noelle Murray's ability to link play and slide into dangerous positions wreaked havoc as the playmaker netted two goals, while Emily Whelan's tireless running up front opened up gaps for Ziu to burst into and fire in a hat-trick.

Shels also made the most of their bench with Rebecca Cooke and Alex Kavanagh contributing with notable cameo roles, but it was the structure and the tactical plan that won the day for the Dublin outfit.

It will be interesting to see how strong they can become in the final few games of the season by playing in this new system.