As the 2020 FAI Women's Senior Cup Final comes into view, the individual match-ups that could decide the game are examined.

Here are three match-ups to watch out for...

Saoirse Noonan v Niamh Farrelly
This might seem like a strange match-up considering that Noonan floats between the lines of the opposition's midfield and defence, but she wreaks havoc when on the edge of the penalty area and that is where Farrelly comes alive. In order to complete her task of keeping Noonan quiet, Farrelly must maintain constant communication with her midfielders - Lucy McCartan & Karen Duggan - to drop back and provide cover. But when the opportunity arises she must step forward to intercept passes, block shots and limit the space that Cork's ace likes to operate in. If Farrelly doesn't achieve that then Noonan has the ability to win this game with her individual talent.

Becky Cassin v Lucy McCartan
It was a bold move by Cassin to leave Wexford Youths this season, but she needed to play more regularly and also to emerge as a leader. She has certainly done that with Cork and has been amongst the 10 best midfielders in this campaign. Now, she faces a tough task of coming up against McCartan, who is one of the most under-rated players in the League. McCartan is the engine that gets Peamount motoring and she shuts down opposition attacks as if it's second nature to her. Cassin's driving runs forward will test that, as will her range of passing that can connect play from a central area. This will be an interesting battle to watch.

Nathalie O'Brien v Aine O'Gorman
The prospect of marking the League's Top Goalscorer is one that few players would relish. However, O'Brien is someone who embraces a challenge. She is a very versatile player and that will help her to keep track of O'Gorman, whether she cuts inside or goes direct down the flank. Keeping in mind how explosive O'Gorman can be with her accleration, O'Brien will have to find that balance of when to get close and when to step off a few yards in order to cover ground. If she can keep O'Gorman quiet then Cork could prosper, but if the Peamount captain hits her usual form then expect her influence to have a huge bearing on this game.